Custom Step and Repeat Banners are Red Carpet Backdrop with repeating logos. It is widely used in media photo taking in a PR events. The most popular setup is to install the banner on a Step & Repeat Stand.

Ultra Lightweight! STEP AND REPEAT FRAME

Our aluminum Step & Repeat Frames are Ultra-lightweight and compact for easy carrying.  This is carefully designed for marketing professionals who need to travel around to different Trade Show locations.  The Lightweight backdrop display system would significantly reduce your shipment cost, for each of your Trade Show and events.  This is in great contrast to most other cheap Iron Step and Repeat Banner Stand you could find in the market.


Our Red Carpet Backrop Banners are printed on Lightweight Fabric.  The Fabric Banners are foldable, and it reduce the carrying volume together with the carrying weight.  The result is a BIG SAVINGS for the shipment and traveling cost required for each of your Trade Show and events.

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